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My Music

My music is now available for purchase online! It's been a long time coming, but as we all know, anything worth something takes time. Many changes were made and I'm really excited about how it turned out. I wanted to truly offer you the best possible quality that I can render. 

These songs have been kicking around in my mind for quite a while, but it took a lot of effort to make them sound like they do in my heart. I truly feel blessed to be able to share them with you. My greatest hope is that you find something in my material that will bring you a bit of peace and joy in these troubled times. 

Please check out the Music link in the menu above or click here and give it a listen.

My Movies

I'm still working on getting my first film ready for wide release. It's taken so long I'm almost done filming my second one, How Big is Your Hustle?

You can check out the trailer for the first film below:

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